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cHc stands for 


Time has come to…

Reclaim our humanity

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In 2015 we were confronted with the increase of violence in our cities, our institutions, our schools. Migration, unemployment, social media, ideologies… it affects all systems.

And business is no exception.

Violence belongs to those darker sides of humanity, which we cannot accept neither ignore.

There remain however lots of brighter sides in being a « human being » : common sense, empathy, humility, fairness, creativity, self-awareness, self-reflection…

Let’s make these shine even more to make the best out of us so that we leave a sustainable world for the next generations.

cHc can assist with clients’ thought process and calls for actions around humanity.


Start a conversation

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If you were to draw Communication in the digital era, which shape would you use? Not sure cartoons typical «bubble» still reflects current reality.

We are all hyper-connected with smart tech apps, software and devices, and talking face-to-face to each other seems not to be millennials’ favourite communication channel.

How many employees admit they prefer working long hours behind their computer screen rather than getting out and talking with clients?

As a matter of fact, people tend to avoid conversations.

Will interpersonal conversations become the luxury service for wealthy clients only?

With social media distracting us from person-to-person conversation, we experience an empathy gap, coupled with a trust deficit.

cHc tweets « It’s time to look up and start a conversation » @STurkle #reclaimingconversation.

Bond in communities

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In current times of individualism, communities matter more than ever.

Communities are not networks. They represent the third place people spend their time in – after home and work… you pick which comes first.

Communities gather people around a commonly shared intention, and are places of close bondings. They matter even more today when traditional family patterns have shifted.

Communities are key to how organisations work. They represent clusters of people fostering innovation in their projects.

cHc strongly believes in the essentials that communities bring to our humanism.


All in all, cHc aims to act in a thoughtful and caring way and boost respectful conversations, both in business and in other social endeavours.