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  • The company founder
  • The CEO
  • The Head of Human Resources
  • The Head of Talent
  • The Head of Learning and Development
  • A member of the C-suite
  • A senior manager
  • Improve your negotiation skills
  • Deal with a specific conflict situation
  • Deploy an innovative leadership programme that gets the desired and noticeable results
  • Integrate the people agenda at a strategic level
  • Propel the HR function to the level of credible business partner contributor
  • Get insights on the latest trends in people management and leadership development

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  • An HR professional with international experience
  • An experienced leadership and negotiation facilitator with a proven track record
  • A business-minded person who’s comfortable working at all levels of your organisation
  • A life-long learner
  • A passionate and enthusiastic self-starter




This is exactly where I come iChristelle Cornet - cHc - Luxembourg - negotiation - people strategyn.

Christelle Cornet,

facilitator of humanity at work

and founder of cHc.



cHc stands for « we communicate with humanity in our communities ».




I believe in ubuntu.  Ubuntu is an African word meaning ‘humanity towards others’.  It also means ‘I am what I am because of who we all are’.

Christelle Cornet - cHc - Luxembourg - negotiation - people strategyI’ve often noticed a lack of compassion in our companies.  They can appear soulless and sometimes seem to be without any humanity.  They believe this is as necessary to make profits and keep shareholders happy.  People are referred to as human capital, human resources and assets.  These terms can sound demeaning, without any humanity.  If people are assets, then why do they (their salaries) sit on the liabilities side of the balance sheet?  Do your leaders treat people like assets or liabilities?

All companies want to retain talent and inspire their people to act so they can get results.  How can they do this?  Certainly not with words alone.  Acting with humanity inspires people.

While I feel strongly about humanity, I am conscious having myself acted at times in a less « humane » approach. I regret this. Work and life experiences have made me evolve towards a more balanced leader and I now want to share and help others when time is right for them.

I’ve created cHc to assist leaders to push their businesses towards adopting the kind of mindset we see in communities.  I’m constantly on the lookout for modern practices that suit our 21st century business realities and appeal to the younger generations.  I’m keen to help others manage conflicts, whilst maintaining the creative tension necessary for innovation.  I strongly believe change starts with oneself and not with changing others.

I deepen my understanding of human beings and their interactions by travelling and appreciating diversity; by working with the Enneagram and studying complex negotiations.  With these two tools, next to some others, I feel well equipped to be a change catalyst.



My mission : your success is my priorityChristelle Cornet - cHc - Luxembourg - negotiation - people strategy


I focus on enhancing organisational cultures, leadership development, people strategies and complex negotiations.  Within each area of expertise, I act as a trusted business adviser and deliver tailor-made interventions to meet your needs and those of your people.

If you believe that you achieve success through your people; if you believe that change starts with each individual (including yourself); if you believe your business will only grow if you can overcome a specific organisational challenge, then…



contact me
and let’s start a conversation
on what will make the difference for you!

Eager to learn more :

Who is Christelle?

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Christelle is a self-starter with a positive mindset.  But mostly, she’s passionate about bringing humanity back into our workplaces and communities.Christelle Cornet - cHc - Luxembourg - negotiation - people strategy

Christelle believes that with leadership commitment and her knowhow, the seemingly conflicting needs of people and business can be overcome.

The assumptions, values and beliefs that underpin the ways in which Christelle works can be summed up in this quote by Henry Mintzberg:

“An enterprise is a community of human beings, not a collection of ‘human resources’.”

When not engaged in business or community activities, Christelle lives in Musson, Belgium, with her husband Paul, daughter Lucie and two sons, Martin and Tom.

She also enjoys swimming, biking, singing in a choir. She practices mindfulness and started dancing according to the 5 Rythms technique. Spending quality time with friends and more recently watching TV series such ‘Lie to me’ with her daughter are Christelle’s other favourites!

Why do you want to work with Christelle?

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Christelle Cornet - Luxembourg - cHc - negotiation - people strategy

  1. Because of her experience and achievements
    She has worked in roles and on projects across the whole Human Capital value chain for 20 years in multicultural and highly expecting environments.
  2. Because of her passion for people.
    It started when she was 20 as part of her engagement in a youth leaders’ organization where she acted as holidays campsite leader and trainer of other youth leaders.
  3. Because of her work ethic
    She has always placed the interests of the group higher to personal interests. Her choices and partners selection criteria have always been grounded on high ethical standards.
  4. Because of her qualifications
    She has a a Masters in HR Management from the ISC Saint-Louis, ICHEC Business School in Brussels and a degree in translation (French-English-German) from Institut Libre Marie Haps, Brussels.
  5. Because she makes her own personal development a priority
    • Enneagram, a personality model taught in the narrative tradition – Helen Palmer’s legacy
    • The Leadership Circle Profile™, a 360° assessment tool
    • The Firo-B psychometric, an assessment on essential needs in people interactions
    • Complex Negotiation, a top-in-class referential focused on professional techniques and on interpersonal relationships
  6. Because she’s comfortable in cross-cultural environments
    and works well with all levels of people in the organisational hierarchy
  7. Because she’s an experienced group facilitator
    With a preference for topics such as influencing skills and building powerful client relationships. She co-facilitated at numerous occasions with external partners and internal colleagues from the business.
  8. Because she’s a ‘talent multiplier’ who’s good at transferring her skills to others
    She’s motivated by a drive to grow people, to optimise their talents.  She wants part of her legacy to be the enlargement of the global talents pools of credible HR business partners, as well as influential ‘soft skills’ trainers

What has she done?

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Most recently:

She was Head of Human Resources (HR) for an international financial organisation, where she worked with the various executive committees and workers’ councils to voice and to execute the HR agenda.

Her main achievements while in this role include:

  • The organisational redesign and psycho-social assistance during the post restructuration and transformation era
  • The upgrade of the HR team from operational HR personnel to strategic HR business partners who proactively added value to the organisation and its leaders
  • The recruitment of suitable candidates for executive roles
  • Being deeply involved in the formulation and cascading of the company strategy to facilitate its execution

Beforehand :

She spent 12 years at the largest professional services firm in Luxembourg.  This firm was in 10th place as country employer.  It employed 1 200 people from more than 50 different countries.  It was here that Christelle developed expertise in:

  • Leadership development
  • Coaching
  • Career development
  • Diversity and inclusivity
  • Employee mobility
  • Project management
  • Other aspects of learning and development


Christelle Cornet - Luxembourg - Negotiation - People strategyThe high of her career here was in 2012 when she worked in Cape Town for three months as a member of the faculty for the firm’s flagship global leadership development programme, Genesis Park.  She was  an individual coach, a team coach and a facilitator on the programme.  It aims at turning today’s top performers into tomorrow’s global business leaders.  About 150 high-potential senior managers and directors from around the world take part in Genesis Park every year.

As the Lead Development Pillar, she:

  • Co-designed a business development curriculum
  • Designed and facilitated the firm’s mentoring programme
  • Offered and managed a local portfolio of programmes responding to the needs and learning styles of the firm’s 120 partners
  • Was the Luxembourg representative – at an EMEA level – for relationship skills programmes, key talent programmes and employee onboarding
  • Designed and implemented a motivational solutions curriculum aimed at increasing people’s engagement while maximising their well-being at work.  This programme was recognised by the Luxembourg Ministry of Health in 2012 and Christelle considers this as a part of her legacy.

She also worked with the following tools: MBTI©, Insights Discovery©, Social Styles©, SDI©, Belbin©.

Christelle is also good at effective partnering with external professionals to implement and deliver Development Centres for executives, directors and senior managers.  She has used various assessment techniques including Hogan© and SHL©.