Leadership culture

A leadership culture is a corporate culture where attributes of responsibility, humility and authenticity are valued and where people behave and act with the right intent.

These attributes are no exclusivity for top managers, though role modelling starts from the top.
Instead everyone is invited to behave and act as a leader… 
and every leader is invited to behave and act as a follower !


Everyone responsible… how comes?

All employees should at all times respond in a responsible manner, as if they were the company owners.
«We are not paid for this» is a naturally hidden voice echoing in their heads.

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The concept of employment is completely changing.
So far, people have naturally followed management in place by executing and delivering upon set objectives.
In the coming 10 years, 75% of millennials will be on the job market. They have started to turn down offers from established brands… looking for a different experience.
Here they are, ready to elect their new leader… among themselves.

Towards humility and peer project models

Status, often achieved with hard work and resilience, is losing ground. Top managers are invited to become servant leaders, i.e. to stretch towards more humility.
 «I am expected to lead my people and to make decisions for this company» is the motto of those who believe their job is «just» to be a leader.

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With disruptive economies and the digitalisation era, it has been published that one third of jobs will have disappeared by 2025 - and this time both white collars and managers are concerned as well.
Not core management functions are likely to evolve to contracting fully fledged professionals connected in their peer communities. Companies start reinventing their organisation model and include contingent workers - freelancers, interim staff, consultants - selected around projects.
All leaders to start tweeting towards their employees and contractors as their «followership» is what will distinct them from their peers.

The judgment call to make… your authentic self

How should leadership change when there is no longer command in there?
«How can my authentic self serve my colleagues and company?» is the true question for each employee and manager.

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Peer leadership can be much more challenging than the traditional top-down structure.
Look at those companies where team members have started to rate their colleagues. How will you feel when arriving a few minutes late in the office, being a member of an accountability team made up of peers ?
No willingness to tend here to a new «Your Peers are watching you», yet there is a risk.

cHc will help you redesign a company culture built on leadership values of responsibility, humility and authenticity and based on the right motivation.
Together we can set the foundations for the new workplace.


Service offering

For whom ?

In the current business world, company cultures are shaped by leadership teams accountable for global operations or industry segments. These are usually organized on a regional scale, traditionally Americas, EMEAI and AsiaPacific.
Based in Luxembourg, cHc is by essence an international player having worked with more than 50 different nationalities on a daily basis. Christelle Cornet, cHc founder, has facilitated leadership development on the global scale while coaching international high potentials during three consecutive months. This top leadership programme was based in Cape Town, South Africa.
The following service offering is mainly meant for European groups and Global headquarters located in Europe. This is far from being exclusive, as each C-Suite, Management Team, CEO or HRD empowered and willing to positively shape its organisation will learn from our conversations.

How ?

While currently on her own, Christelle Cornet is all but alone!
She is a member of various communities and benefits from a strong European and Global peer network, with shared purpose and professionalism.
She has always built meaningful and professional partnerships and can be contracted to reinforce any international team.

Interventions will be tailored to meet your expectations. All leadership programmes are based on the 70:20:10 learning development principles.  cHc can co-design and co-facilitate both with internal professionals and external vendors.
Our sessions are experential, creative and energizing!
They may include the following non-exhaustive formats :

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Particularly appropriate for Group and regional levels. Proven contribution in the design, implementation and facilitation.

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Short format sessions focused on topics such as Personal Branding, Servant Leadership, Influencing styles…

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Certified in the global powerful « Leadership Circle©» tool.

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For a business, a department or a team to communicate their purpose to internal and external clients or stakeholders.

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For leaders willing to emphasize their signatures, or managers ready to grow in a leadership role.

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Self-awareness and interpersonal programme anchored on the Enneagram narrative tradition (certified teacher).

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On leadership attributes, leading teams, change management. These may be designed around the psycho-metrics models: Firo-B©, MBTI©, SDI©, Social Styles©, SHL©, Hogan©, Belbin©, Insights Discovery©, Change curve model.

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With tangible monitoring actions.