The Negotiation Table


Amongst the competencies enabling us to better navigate in a complex society, negotiation skills are a real value.

Initially associated to selling, sales staff were the first to be trained to developing convincing arguments. Generated impacts brought negotiation in the field of crisis management, and it is only a few decades ago that influencing techniques are taught in police and special forces academies.

As for great leaders, talented negotiators have strong communication skills and build relationships on the long term. cHc aims to nurture those talents for you to serve both your relationships and communities. Yes, you are concerned, as you carry responsibilities at work and at home.

How to generate more profit with conscience?

How to resolve a conflict where both parties remain heads up?

How to influence in a sustainable way during a crisis situation?

Mergers and acquisitions, social unrest, resizing, disputes, internal politics, demonstrations, team management, peer leadership, cultural diversity, difficult people, parenting, helping patients,… whatever the situation, negotiating with ethics and humanity is distinctive.

All in all, as we are not born negotiators but made, join us and take a seat at The Negotiation Table.

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